Personal Statement for Ph. D Acceptance.

Corporate Leadership



David T Williams*

Personal Statement 



David T. Williams * 

Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Corporate Leadership.


              I am David Tavoris Williams, and I am submitting this personal statement to my senior Ph. D’s, as a scholar practitioner, and to my colleagues as a doctorial candidate and future agent of change in the field of leadership. I am a retired soldier from the United States Army, and a disabled American Combat Veteran with 24 years of service to this great nation. I am requesting admissions into the doctorate of leadership program here at the Alvernia University, because I believe that I can incorporate change and further the advancements, as an agent of change, in the field of corporate leadership. During my 24 years of service to the USA, I served in many capacities however, the common denominator, which I identify in 20 of my 24 years of service are those as a manager and servant leader of soldiers. The United States Army is an institution within the Department of Defense in which it is dependent on two variables to incorporate training, doctrine, and action the execution of leadership within its rank and file and command infrastructure. Through the contributions and empirical efforts of Ph. D’s throughout the United States who reinvest their efforts into the United States Army, those two independent variables are transformational leadership, and the results of transformational leadership in a real – time environment that yields executed lessons learned. It is in this interest that I am submitting this personal statement as I believe that I can be an agent of change to further the doctrine in the field of corporate leadership. I also believe that leadership is as much a personable human function, as well as a professional experience. From experience and empirical studies in a real time environment, I know that the very best managers and leaders were once excellent followers as well. With a doctorate in corporate leadership, I will be able to reinvest and reintroduce the qualities of management and leadership, back into the field of leadership to further the doctrine of corporate leadership. This is an extremely important facet in any discipline as this type of action strengthens the assets of any given organization, and simultaneously advances the field, with the proper tools to perform the organizations objectives, and provide feedback of the same to further advance the field of corporate leadership.

Education and Professional Experience:

David Tavoris Williams

404-A Central Avenue

Alameda, California, USA 94501 – 3661

Phone: 510.205.9305 Mobile: 510.926.7550



August 2008   University of Maryland University College

To                   Adelphi, Maryland, USA 20783

Present          MSM – Acquisition and Supply Chain Management

This degree is a Major Area of Concentration in Business, Contract

and Purchasing Management.


                      * 800.888.8682

                      * 3501 University Boulevard, East

Oct 2009       Villanova University

To                  Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA 19085

Feb 2010      Masters’ Certificate in Government & Commercial

                     Contract Management w/ Lean Six Sigma.

Sept 2005      Excelsior College

To                  Albany, New York, USA 12203

Aug 2009      BSL – Liberal Arts

This degree has a Major Area of Concentration in Administration

And management, with a Minor Area of Concentration in History.


             * 7 Columbia

             * 888 .647 .2388

Military Experience:

April 1986   Quality Assurance Representative – (Contractual


To                United States Army

Present        St. Louis, Missouri 63132

As a quality assurance representative, careerist performed

Inspections, per contractual requirements, within contractual

Data packets, for subsistence items, procured for human

Consumption in military establishments. Managed administrative

Functions within military establishments.


                     * 314.592.0000         

                     * 9700 Page Avenue

Salary History:

Salary History of direct compensation is: $7, 408.96 per month,

or $ 88, 907.52 per year. Salary History of indirect compensation

Includes medical, dental, and life insurance.


                     * Pay Grade: E07


Memberships, Honors, and Organizations

* National Contract Management Association


* National Defense Industrial Association


* National Republican Senatorial Committee


* Cambridge Who’s Who



Available upon request.

Areas of Interest:

               As an agent of change I plan on using this doctorial degree as an instrument that will provide not only management doctrine, but also the doctrine of leadership as well into this field of study. Be it corporate, educational, or organizational leadership, I believe that I can make a difference in the field of corporate leadership with the leadership qualities that I possess. Proper management in any organization is a concerted effort that ranges from the newly hired employee at the bottom of the pay scale to the highest levels of management in any organizations corporate offices. Excellence in management doctrine is further advanced with the incorporation of Lean Six Sigma into the management process, at all levels within and organizations infrastructure. It is the action of leadership that implements excellence in management through training and proper execution of management doctrine at all levels in an organization be it governmental or nongovernmental organizations. Therefore this type of management doctrine will apply to all organizations from sole proprietorships to multi – firm conglomerates, thereby providing the opportunity for advancement into main street USA, and globalization into global markets.

Purpose of this study:

            The purpose of my study is to dissertate my corporation, Maradas, Inc., A California Corporation, into a fortune 500 company. This doctorial degree will be the cornerstone in which I began to erect this organization on a solid foundation. As I journey through the milestones of scholar practitioner, doctorial candidate, and Ph. D, I will have one goal uppermost in my mind, “ The dissertation of Maradas, Inc.” into the fortune 500. The art and science of dissertation is, to wit:

The dissertation is the beginning of one’s scholarly work, not its culmination. Dissertation research should provide students with hands-on, directed experience in the primary research methods of the discipline, and should prepare students for the type of research / scholarship that will be expected of them after they receive the degree.     



Regardless of the differences certainly and naturally existing among the various fields and disciplines of study, the dissertation must be an extended, coherent, written work or original research, demonstrating a

doctoral candidate’s comprehensive knowledge and mastery of methodological, historical, topical, empirical and theoretical issues relevant to the chosen research subject. It must be a significant contribution to scholarship.” 

Council of Graduate Schools (1991) the role and nature of the doctoral dissertation, Ch 1. pp 3 & 7, Washington, DC:

Council of Graduate Schools. 

        I believe that this Ph. D will be the benchmark for success in Maradas, Inc., and that the employees of the firm will believe in the organization as well, if it has the type of management and leadership that this degree represents. I believe that corporate leadership should provide a shining example to all of its employees, at all levels, and at all times. In closing, I request your ethical consideration in the assessment of my application for admission into the doctorial program at Alvernia University, and to my future scholar practitioners, doctorial candidates, and Ph. D’s, I wish you all good luck and God Speed. 


David Tavoris Williams *

President / CEO

Maradas, Inc.


Council of Graduate Schools (1991) the role and nature of the doctoral dissertation, Ch 1. pp 3 & 7, Washington, DC:

Council of Graduate Schools. 

*David Tavoris Williams: Bachelors of Science (BSL) Liberal Arts, with a minor in history, Excelsior College, Albany, NY, Master’s Certificate (MC) Commercial and Government Contract Management with an emphasis in Lean Six Sigma, Villanova University, Villanova, PA, Masters of Science in Management (MSM) (Present) Acquisition and Supply Chain Management, Adelphi, MD.,